Retire in Thailand with income

Have you ever thought about retiring in Thailand? Most people think of the popular beaches like Pattaya or Phuket as the ideal place to live in Thailand, the downside of this is the cost of living in these tourist hot spots.

Let me introduce you to Ban Pong in the province of Ratchaburi. Ban Pong is 70km west of Bangkok, on the highway heading to Kanchanaburi. It is a small town of 100’000 people. As you enter the town, you pass under a sign proclaiming that Ban Pong is the “City of Nice People” and this is so very true.

The local culture is one that tourism has not affected. Despite so many wonderful tourist type things within the region, tourism has not passed through this quaint town.

Retiring in a town like Ban Pong allows you to immerse yourself in the “Real Thailand”, there is a farang expat community here, as well as a dozen farang teachers working in the local schools.


Retire in Thailand

On offer is the opportunity to purchase an established business, Wise Guy Pizzeria. This is a WIWO offer, where you will receive all relevant training to be able to take over the shop and make money from day one. The shop has an established following, not just from Ban Pong, but from further afield also.

The premises can double as your living, with two floors of living space above the shop, one with air con and featuring 3 bathrooms. Situated on a busy restaurant/nightclub strip, the opportunity to extend hours and generate higher revenue is definitely something that is possible.

Established in 2017, Wise Guy Pizzeria is the only brick oven pizza restaurant in Ban Pong. The Pizza’s are handmade, no frozen bases. The shop has a capacity to seat 40 people inside the air conditioned shop as well as outside dining which could see potential opportunity as a beer garden in the evenings.

Retire in Thailand

The shop was featured on Thairath TV, establishing it as a high quality, budget friendly restaurant. The menu includes a selection of pizza, pasta and sides.

Ban Pong is 70km west of Bangkok, on the way to Kanchanaburi. The shop is located on the main restaurant street in Ban Pong, giving it foot traffic both during the day and at night.

The premises are currently under a two year lease, with two levels of living available upstairs. Monthly rent on the property is 7500thb a month which is on the low side of the market for the strip.

Being a WIWO sale, nothing more is needed to spend, simply take over the lease and the business, you will be up and running from the very first day making pizza’s and profits.

The shop fitout includes and is not limited to:
– Retro vintage tables and stools (seat 40)
– 1 commercial size fridge/freezer
– 1 kitchen fridge
– Microwave
– Deep fryer
– Dual gas cooktop
– Custom gas powered brick oven (120’000thb retail) 2 tier
– 3kg Dough mixer
– Full fitout kitchen and utensils
– Stock at time of sale
– Domain name, Website, Facebook page and Instagram
– Full compliment of digital marketing material
– Professional tracking POS system with Asus Laptop
– Delivery Honda Wave scooter with enclosed delivery box
– WIFI CCTV security
– 2 split system Air Con
– Flatscreen TV with Wifi connection
– Three seater couch

The shop has an established Facebook and Instagram presence with a strong following as well as website.

We are looking for a reasonable price for the business, WIWO at 1.6 million THB, which is less than 50’000USD.  For this you receive the ability to work as little or as much as you wish, obtain a Visa and become part of a fantastic community in Ban Pong.

Wise Guy Pizzeria featured on the morning show on Thairath TV